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One Global Culture [OG Culture], a new startup developed and launched by Roger Harriott and James Walker in conjunction with the Black Progress Matters Black-Owned Business Incubation Program, is an interpersonal and dynamic event networking organization designed to advance the hiring of Black coaches and executives. 

Research shows 80 percent of corporate jobs, promotions, and raises are awarded due to some level of personal networking connections - and the sports landscape is even more collegial.  In conjunction with participating leagues and teams, OG Culture will develop proactive networking events to provide the personal connections necessary to build a proactive access and hiring environment for Black coaches and Black executives.  OG Culture also offers essential networking resources and support, enabling talented, yet often overlooked, Black candidates to navigate the professional sports business landscape successfully.

OG Culture Leaders Network Events

OG Culture is proud to launch our Leaders Network events in partnership with the NFL.  With the remarkable support of Troy Vincent and NFL headquarters, our events will create an empowered platform for Black coaches and team executives to build relationships necessary to advance Black leadership within the National Football League.  By providing this social platform, an essential network and pathway to the top will emerge, and trust will be established for lasting relationships.

OG Culture will host our inaugural events on January 30th, 2023, at the East-West Shrine Bowl in Las Vegas, NV, and February 1st, 2023, at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL.

The Black Progress Matters Mission

Black Progress Matters [BPM] recognizes that the color of the executive suite and boardroom speaks volumes about the character of an organization as well as the true opportunity available for people of color [in that organization].  BPM believes that if you look to the top of an organization and see Black leadership - it will inspire everyone of color in that organization.  

Our main objective, therefore, is to change the color of executive suites and boardrooms in organizations worldwide through our various executive staffing activities.  

BPM’s Core Mission is built on the premise that if BP Executive Staffing [BPX] can secure the opportunity to fill an executive opening for an organization with a qualified and appropriate Black candidate, we can change the color of the executive suite while enhancing the aspiration of everyone of color within the organization.  

While our BP Executive Staffing Program is the first pillar of our mission, BPM also provides an ambitious incubator program for developing and funding Black-owned start-ups. Creating successful Black ownership is essential to our core mission to change the color of leadership worldwide.

Black Progress Executive Staffing
Black Progress Executive Staffing [BPX] Contingency-Fee Service

Organizations require diversity in leadership to add perspective and effectiveness as their employee base becomes increasingly more diverse.  While there has been encouraging growth in Black professionals in the workplace, many organizations are struggling with diversity at the executive and boardroom level - and delivering Black leadership in both the executive suite and boardroom is key to our mission.  

Be fully engaged with absolutely no upfront cost.
Our BPX Contingency-Fee Executive Staffing Service enables organizations to achieve their staffing goals with an intentional focus on providing diverse candidates to the pool from which to select.

Introducing UnBiasIt

UnBiasIt utilizes proprietary data management and compliance solutions designed to fully enable an organization to recognize and eliminate inherent bias and misconduct throughout their enterprise - as well as transforming their distended data into a resource that can easily and accurately be drawn upon when needed for the critical information governance that is increasingly demanded of every enterprise.


UnBiasIt’s key solutions to unify data and help expose & deter bias:

  • UnBiasIt Data Stack - Complete data management to expose bias in legacy data.

  • UnBiasIt Insight - Sentiment analysis to create an organization’s bias criteria.

  • UnBiasIt Bias Alert - Continuous monitoring to alert and deter bias.

Walker Sports Audit

Walker Sports Audit is an independent audit service that autonomously evaluates our client’s entire portfolio of endorsements, contracts, investments, compliance, insurance, and tax reporting for a fixed or contingency fee.


There are four main components of our WSA services:

  • Independent Forensic Audit

  • Advacovery

  • Continuous Financial Monitoring

  • Walker Sports Audit Trusted Advisor Rating Service

“Over time our solutions will make a huge impact in the hiring process of minorities in high sports positions such as head coaches, general managers and even ownership.”
– James Walker, Founder | OG Culture

Our Solution Stack

Together with Black Progress Matters, OG Culture offers a complete Solution Stack to support and enable Black candidates and Black-owned businesses to successfully navigate leading professional sports organizations.  


OG Culture Team

One Global Culture is a new startup that is being developed and launched by Roger Harriott, James Walker, Dean Haynesworth, and Doug Whaley in conjunction with the Black Progress Matters Black-Owned Business Incubation Program. 

Roger Harriott

Founder, OG Culture

Roger Harriott is an award-winning head football coach for St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  His national powerhouse program recently won the GEICO National Championship in 2019 and 2022 completing a historic run of four consecutive state titles.  As a result, St. Thomas Aquinas currently has more NFL players than any high school in the country.

James Walker

Founder, OG Culture

James Walker covered professional sports at the highest levels for 17 years, which includes a decade at ESPN.  Walker covered four Super Bowls, Pro Bowls, the NBA Finals and other major events before transitioning to business as Director of Sports and Entertainment at Adeptus Partners in 2018.

Dean Haynesworth

CEO, Black Progress Matters

Dean Haynesworth is the CEO of Black Progress Matters, an organization whose core mission is to change the color of leadership in organizations worldwide through its various executive staffing activities.

Doug Whaley

Board Member, Walker Sports Audit

Doug Whaley has an extensive background in American football operations, player evaluation, and player personnel system development.  Doug spent 22 years as an NFL executive with the Pittsburgh Steelers and GM of the Buffalo Bills, served as SVP of Football Operations for the XFL, and is now SVP of Player Personnel for XFL.

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